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About The Graeagle Lighting Company

The Graeagle Lighting Company takes the concept of lighting your home to the next level with unique product lines, expertise in design and customer service that when combined, reflects your lifestyle with the impact of quality lighting fixtures. Beyond lighting, you can take design further with beautiful statements interior statements of flooring, carpet, furniture and window treatments.

Proprietor Chris Nicholson created this company with the idea of enhancing your home the way it should be — to define and characterize your personality through the diverse product range of internationally known and industry respected lighting, flooring, carpets, furniture and window treatments. It is these basic, but significant design features that make the foundation for great interior expression in your home.

With a design consultation from Chris Nicholson, you’ll see possibilities for your home that will change the way you interact with that space. Form, function and beauty are all key elements of design that Chris will consider for your interior needs. Because, making your space bright and beautiful has never been easier with a consultation from the Graeagle Lighting Company.

With design services from Graeagle Lighting Company, Chris Nicholson will consult with you on site to determine the best possible options for your lighting, flooring, carpets, furniture and window treatment needs. It’s the personal touch and expertise that the Graeagle Lighting Company offers to all of their clients.

You don’t have to go out of town to get the best. Because this quaint shop located in downtown Graeagle will give you a whole new experience in selecting lighting, flooring, carpets, furniture and window treatments. It’s a chance to purchase choice items from quality product lines that has previously only been available in metropolitan areas. So save yourself the trip, and make illuminating additions to your home more convenient and cost effective.

At The Graeagle Lighting Company, it is the belief that lighting should be the focus of every home. More than just to shed light, but to truly define the personality of the space Lighting is an interior design element that can exhibit impressive décor whether it’s created for a residence or business atmosphere.

And combined with great flooring, carpets, furniture and window treatments, you will make a solid choice with the investment of quality products that will shine through out each and every room.

Graeagle Lighting Unique LightsGraeagle Lighting Unique LightsGraeagle Lighting Unique Lights